Sound Bath Meditation

Sat May 30 | 7:30 - 8:30 pm, Online
St. Mark’s Yoga Center and St. Mark’s Woman to Woman invite the DC yoga and meditation communities, congregants and neighbors to join us online for a Sound Bath Meditation.

Sound Frequency Specialist, Robert Lee

A Modern Sound Journey with the Old Souls 
We invite you to experience the ancient sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and Native American flute, courtesy of the Human Activation School of Expanded Consciousness. Robert Lee, a sound frequency specialist from Human Activation™ , will guide this modern virtual experience, helping participants to deeply relax, reset, and recalibrate.

Studies show Tibetan singing bowl meditation significantly reduces tension, anger, fatigue and depressed mood, as well as lowering blood pressure and heart rate. This musical meditation invites the mind and body into a tranquil state of being in which remarkable healing can occur.

We’ll also be inviting you to find your most comfortable position for this journey; whether it be sitting or laying down. So be sure that your listening device and/or media player accommodates your ability to move and change positions during the meditation. To maximize your experience, we encourage you to use the highest quality speakers or headphones you have access to.

Join us in this unique and powerful gathering, bringing healing to body and mind.

sound-bath-mediation-singing-bowlsDATE: Saturday, May 30, 2020 – 7:30-8:30 pm

(Virtual doors will close promptly at 7:45 pm so the Sound Bath can begin uninterrupted.)

LOCATION:301 A Street, SE, Washington DC 20003

This event has closed.