Hebron: A Documentary and Commentary

Wed 1/29 | 7 pm, Baxter Hall

Yousef Natseh and Rachel Joy have been serving with the Christian Peacemaker Teams in al-Khalil (Hebron) since 2013. Natseh’s film examines the extent to which human rights are realized in a Palestinian community under Israeli occupation. A showing of the film Hebron: A Documentary will be followed by a brief presentation and Q&A re: the situation on the ground, daily life under occupation, and Palestinian resistance to Israeli settlements. Hebron is the largest city in the southern West Bank. Its residents live under constant pressure. St. Mark’s pilgrims have all visited Hebron and have been exposed to the challenges of this complex city.

Join us on Wednesday, January 29, at 7 pm in Baxter Hall. Mezze will be served. Contact Karen Getman with questions.

Note: Parking is limited to a few spaces in the church lot, some A Street availability and pay-parking on 3rd Steet SE. The Capitol South Metro station is a 4-block walk; Union Station is 7 blocks.