Woman to Woman: Me Too Conversations

Wed Jun 20 | 7 pm, Rectors Room

St. Mark’s Woman to Woman invites all who identify as women to participate in MeToo conversations during June. Join Us to share stories and create simple origami owls, symbols of wisdom.

Wednesday, June 20, 7 pm, Rectors Room.

Sunday, June 24,  10:45 a.m (following Sermon Seminar); 12:30 pm,  and 5:45 in the Rectors Room.

At St. Mark’s we have a rich history of sharing our life stories; the curious, anxious, hopeful, despairing, and anticipatory bits of our lives.  As recent months have highlighted, too often sexual harassment is a part of those stories, among both men and women… and among women, the frequency is almost universal.

Women of all generations living and all generations past have and have had these experiences.  Our scriptures include acknowledgment of how women can be victimized in society around issues of sex and sexuality; our news and our lives tell us that reality remains.

Redemptively, our Christian tradition conveys the conviction that our stories can connect us one to another, empower us, and transform our culture… one might say redeem us and offer new life.  We are living in a moment of potential transfiguration, let us be present in it.

Heather Powers (age 48) and Elin Whitney-Smith (age 74) will facilitate conversations that aim to find connection, strength, and transformation in this shared reality.  We plan to tell stories and create simple origami owls, symbols of wisdom, that will wordlessly bear witness to the way women in our community have connected to these pieces of our Christian story in their lives in today’s world.