Be Your Own Best Valentine | A Chair Yoga and Mindful Compassion Workshop

Sun Feb 11 | 2 - 4:30 pm, Adams Room

This special workshop will be led by Jessica Woodburn.

St. Mark’s Yoga Center, Adams Room (in Undercroft)

Cost:  $25 per person

jessica-woodburn-st-marks-yoga-center-dcAre you getting the LOVE, NURTURING And ATTENTION you need and want? Give yourself some love in this Pre-Valentine Chair Yoga and Self-Compassion workshop. The first half of the workshop is Chair Yoga, gentle seated and standing poses linked to the breath to stretch and ease tension in the major joints and muscles. The second half of the workshop is dedicated to Mindful Self-Compassion practices including guided breathing and loving-kindness meditations, mindful eating of chocolate and making ourselves Valentine Cards!

No yoga or meditation experience necessary. Dress comfortably.

During and after this workshop may you:

◦ FEEL “FULL” and more Connected to the TRUE INNER YOU

◦ Be present in the moment

◦ Experience greater calm and connection with your body

◦ Savor chocolate like never before (without overindulging:-))

◦ Guarantee you get at least 1 Valentine from the HEART

◦ Be Lighter and More Playful

About the Instructor

Jessica Woodburn, RYT 200, is a yoga instructor, in Washington, DC. She is passionate about sharing yoga’s Mind, Body, Spirit benefits, helping to cultivate outer and inner strength, flexibility and balance. Jessica’s classes are light-hearted, tailored to students’ needs and infused with Mindfulness. Her dynamic teaching style, sense of humor, and deep sense of caring keep students coming back to the mat. Jessica passionately shares yoga, mindfulness, self-compassion and non-violent communication practices across the DC area.