An Evening with Patricia Stenger | An Autobiography of God

Thu Apr 27 | 7:30 - 9:30 pm Baxter Hall

In this Christian Education Class, we will hear an autobiography of God. Conjured from the pages of Scripture, the imagination begins to recognize the primary figure known to most as the God of the Old Testament. Is he the voice of fire and brimstone, or a curious artist who doesn‘t know what he has created? A lover, a tyrant or a mass of contradictions?

We will answer these questions for ourselves even as we explore the humans’ reaction to this God. Listening to our own inner voice, we will be met by our own reactions to the Old Testament God – remembering our childhood images and noticing our current attitudes that may well be living in our very bones. We may even wonder how the God of the Old Testament is present in the attitudes and events occurring in the world today.

Please email Susan Thompson if you wish to attend.