Discussing Race at St. Mark’s

Sun Mar 5 | 11:00 AM Baxter Hall

Lately, you may have found yourself thinking more and more about how to change the narrative on race and the treatment of The Other in our culture. Talking about how we experience and take action on racial issues internally at St. Mark’s will allow us to become a healthier, kinder, and more awake organization to the ‘sameness’ of our ‘otherness,‟ thus making us stronger when we reach out to address these issues in the broader culture. Please join us in Baxter Hall at 11:00

Please join us in Baxter Hall at 11:00 am on March 5 to continue the discussion about race that the Diversity and Inclusion Group sparked at our presentation last June.

(A special thank you to 11:15 service regulars for considering attending
the 9:00 service on March 5 so you can come to our facilitated discussion.)