Celebrate Suella Henn’s Legacy

On Display in Baxter Hall

During the time she was with us, Suella contributed greatly to our community through the Caregivers, the Liturgy Planning Team, the Choir, and many other programs. Thankfully, St. Mark’s will continue to benefit from Suella’s questing mind and spirit through her family’s generous donation of her books to the Verna Dozier Library, located in the Undercroft.

On Sunday, September 25th, the Library Committee will have a selection of her books on display in Baxter Hall and at the 5 p.m. service. The Committee and various “Friends of Suella’s” will also be sponsoring coffee hour and pub lunch. Please join us to celebrate her remarkably rich life and this wonderful, living legacy.

For more information, see the upcoming issue of the Winged Lion Review or contact Peter Hawley, phawleywash@verizon.net.