Appreciation for Easter Flowers and Eggs

Apr 22, 2022

Thank you to Stephanie Deutsch and Susan Ryerson for the lovely flowers on Easter. This year’s decor included Ukrainian-style eggs known as ‘pysanky’ from the word ‘to write’ made by Tracy Councill. Traditionally, these are left raw (not blown) because natural dyes (purple from beets, yellow from onion skins, etc.) would not adhere to a cooked shell. Warmed beeswax is applied to those areas to remain white, then the egg is dipped in the lightest color. The wax then covers the lightest part of the design to protect it from the next color. The process is repeated with each darker color until the final, sometimes dark blue or black, covers the egg. It is then carefully held over a candle to melt the wax revealing the design: circles represent eternity, triangles the trinity, birds for fertility, wheat for a good harvest, etc. The eggs are gifted and saved because of the time and skill involved. After about 3 years, the contents dry (but do not drop one!) and are passed to the next generation.

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