Annual Meeting 2018 | Meet the Leadership Candidates

Feb 12, 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 25 following a single 10 AM morning service. A simple lunch will be provided immediately following the service, with voting member registration check-in taking place in Baxter Hall right before you pick up your food. Lunches will be carried back into the Nave to enjoy “picnic style” before the meeting.

Read the Vestry/Nominating Committee’s letter to the parish regarding elections, membership, and eligibility to vote at the Annual Meeting.

 Elections will be held during the meeting.

The following individuals are running for elected leadership positions at St. Mark’s, effective at the conclusion of the meeting. Get additional details about the Annual Meeting.


Katherine Anderson – Class of 2021

Those who regularly attend St. Mark’s 5 o’clock service already know me. You might have noticed me verging, announcing reminders to wear name tags while I was Membership Committee chair, or offering laying on of hands. Those of you who come to morning services might recognize me from presentations by the Inclusivity Working Group, which I lead, or you might have heard me in the handbell choir, which I co-direct. I am grateful to St. Mark’s for the opportunity to volunteer. I have been lucky to get the best of all worlds: building on skills I already had while learning new ones, working with incredibly talented, knowledgeable, good-hearted people.

I hope to encourage our church to grow further into radical welcome. The first time I attended St. Mark’s, I was moved by its emphasis on open communion. Whether taking the lead in developing the newcomer greeter program, encouraging our congregation to reach out to whomever they consider “other,” or providing a touchstone where anyone who wants to can become, essentially, one instrument, I have aspired to promote radical welcome in our spiritual home. That has been my focus, which, with your support, I hope to continue by serving on the vestry.

Jane Byrne – Class of 2021

vestry-candidate-2018-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcI am running for the vestry because I have, over the past several years, been in a variety of jobs for the church (i.e. Acolyte, Lay Server, Bulletin Assistant, etc.) and have come to view this church as a second family. I also have come to believe that we need to grow this church and encourage more young adults to come to this church and see what we have to offer.

No church survives without new blood. While I have been seeing more young people in this church, we need to do better in encouraging more young adults to see what this church has to offer. As a Vestry member, I would encourage brainstorming on how we can improve our prescence on social media as well as hosting community events (like dances or meetups for local political groups, such as DC for Democracy) that would enable young people to see what we have to offer.

I would also encourage those in the church to encourage their friends and family members to come to a service or two at the church and see if it’s a good fit for them. I remember once seeing an Episcopal cartoon likening Episcopal evangelism to a fish tank on a beach where “any fish in the ocean who wants to join can jump in the tank if they want”. We have so much to offer those in our community, but as long as we just sit around and wait for people to check us out we won’t get anywhere.

So, long story short, I would be very honored to run for Vestry this year. And I hope you will vote for me.

Christina Herman – Class of 2021


I am running for Vestry because St. Mark’s is a community that is very important to me personally, and one that offers us collectively a way to make a difference in our increasingly fractious and needy world.

I’ve been involved in many aspects of our parish community. Singing in the choir has been my most significant and joyful commitment. When our children were young, I helped run summer Sunday School and, as Mother of Mary, I had fun organizing the Christmas pageant (and the Christmas services!). I’ve worked with the Green Lions, our parish environmental group, to ‘green’ the parish hall renovation, and to promote environmental awareness and stewardship in the parish. I’m also the GL representative on the Fabric Committee.

Through LCF, courses, parish retreats, and the many activities that characterize our life together as a faith community, St. Mark’s has become a central community for me. As a Program Director with ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility), I coordinate corporate engagement on climate change issues among our faith-based and socially responsible institutional investor members. I would be honored to bring my energy and talents to the work of helping to govern St. Mark’s.

Brandon Dunn Knight – Class of 2021


vestry-candidate-2018-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcSt. Mark’s Episcopal Church has become a source of revival to me over the past few years. I’ve rededicated myself to Christian principles and have made some lifelong friends. As such, it’s a natural progression for me to want to serve the people of St. Mark’s as a member of the Vestry.

There are three main reasons why I’m a candidate for the Vestry: 1) I want to be a conduit for outreach and creativity and to be a part of continuing efforts to increase participation and inclusion at St. Mark’s, 2) I would like to help improve the business practices of the church as a member of the Vestry, and 3) I would like to help expand St. Mark’s Christian education resources as well as to ensure that courses are offered at various times so that scheduling is never an issue.

I honor St. Mark’s history and want to be a force to bring the past together with the hopeful expectations of the future, which I believe is a bright one for St. Mark’s. Serving the parish on the Vestry would not only be an awesome responsibility but a tremendous way for me to give back to St. Mark’s.

Amber Macdonald – Class of 2021


vestry-candidate-2018-st-marks-capitol-hill-dcWhen my husband and I chose St. Mark’s, we had one goal in mind: an hour and a half of quiet, away from our then-2-year-old twins. We didn’t expect to find a thoughtful spiritual community that would help us move past our resentments from oppressively religious upbringings. We didn’t expect to find a service that left us feeling enlightened and, occasionally, enraged. We didn’t expect to find a community – especially of parents – that would welcome us in, and even motivate us to wrangle the girls early enough to make the 9 o’clock every week. But, of course, we did find all of that and more.

St. Mark’s has given our family a lot – community, connection, and even a little adult time. When Thia Hamilton suggested I run for Vestry, I thought of a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t: time, competing obligations, having to be accountable to something as important as this church. But ultimately, the reason to run outweighed the others: the opportunity to give back to a community which has given so much to us.

It would be an honor to serve this congregation, and I hope to have the chance.

Diocesan Delegate

Peter Nye 


Ever since I started attending St. Mark’s in 2013, this parish has meant much to me as a center of my spiritual life, as a source of community-service opportunities and civic-engagement opportunities, and as a community.

I want to serve St. Mark’s in ways that fit my abilities and inclinations. The diocesan delegate position is well suited to my abilities and inclinations because I love to attend meetings and conventions, and when I do, I learn much, talk to many people, and effectively convey what I mean to convey. I will make good impressions on the other attendees, and I will compellingly convey what St. Mark’s wants me to convey. I will regularly listen to what the St. Mark’s vestry and other members have to say about issues, so I will be well informed. I have given many excellent presentations for work, school, and church, so I will well convey to the parish the actions and events of the diocese.

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