An Arts Council Invitation

Special Lenten Art Activities

The Arts Council invites you to contribute to some special Lenten art activities:

Chalk-in on the Sidewalk – Parishioners and neighbors are invited to express their thoughts about wilderness in words and pictures on the A Street sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. Art is a meditative activity that can help bind people together in a safely distanced way in this time of COVID isolation. The church will provide sidewalk chalk and the art will be checked daily. Add to what you see! Take a picture and share it contact

Word Cloud Banner– We invite you to send in words and short phrases relating to your experience of “wilderness” in your life. Each week during Lent we will gather the words and generate a word cloud. The word clouds will be transferred by hand to a canvas banner that will hang on the garden fence. We will use a medium that will allow the words to wash away, all or partly, in the elements.

Journal Art – Keep an art journal for your daily thoughts. Use the daily picture prompts from St Marks or just draw from your own experience. We’ll announce zoom sessions to share our work.

Photo-a-day challenge– Join Youth and Family Ministries on the St Mark’s Instagram account (@wearestmarks) for a one word daily prompt. Take a picture or make some art and share it with us!

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