Afghan Refugee Update

Jan 06, 2023

Thank you to all the volunteers and donors who support our work with Afghan refugees. The Stanikzais are doing well as we look for pre-school for the two boys. ESL volunteers have been doing wonderful work with Benafsha Stanikzai as well as the children and mother in the Tokhi family. The father has been given a car so he can find more lucrative work. The Aminis, who we helped through St. Columba’s, are taking IT certification classes so they can use their skills here. We have connected a couple on 9th Street to the Washington Community Fellowship Church. We hope to help a family of four who do not have resettlement agency assistance. The father was injured in the Kabul airport bombing, and they made their journey through Pakistan, Brazil, and over our southern border. Our partners at Christ Church have been invaluable and together we have provided financial and in-kind support as needed. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Karen Getman at or Maureen Shea at

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