Afghan Refugee Steering Committee – Update

Dec 17, 2021

For an update on this effort, visit the Refugee Resettlemnt Program page on the St. Mark’s website.

St. Mark’s has been active as part of Good Neighbors Capitol Hill (GNCH) in assisting with the resettlement of Afghan refugees to the DC area for the last several years. The abrupt fall of the Afghan government and withdrawal of troops last summer has resulted in a flood of refugees to our area, overwhelming refugee resettlement agencies. Since September, a group of St. Mark’s parishioners has been meeting to explore how our parish can provide greater assistance to our Afghan brothers and sisters. A Steering Committee is developing a plan to mentor an Afghan family as they transition to life in this area. If you’ve been wondering how you can help Afghan families get settled and acclimated to life in the United States, there will be lots of opportunities to provide support. To learn more about this effort, please contact Kim Bayliss.

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