A New Way to Plan Worship Starting in January!

A one-month Zoom meeting commitment to help create an exciting worship experience

“Wherever you are on your faith journey” and curious about different approaches to worship, you are invited to join us in creating new, experimental, inclusive, engaging and creative liturgies and music in a new Pilot Project for Worship Planning. Our “Shared Ministry” approach (lay teams planning with clergy, preachers and Music Director) will produce two services/month for January-March. Team Leaders will be Betsy Athey (January 22 & 29), Susan Thompson and Betty Foster (February 5), Marilu Sherer (February 12) and Nat White (March 5 & 12). Teams of 4-5 are diverse and create their services via Zoom. Mark your calendars. Come and see! You will find some surprises and will be asked to provide feedback so we can improve and determine future direction. Interested?

Contact Team Leaders: Betsy Athey atheylloyd@comcast.net and Nat White whitenat1938@gmail.com

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