A Lenten Message from Our New Senior Warden

Apr 05, 2019

Lent is often seen as a time of preparation when we reflect on how we might live with intention into a world where God is welcome. This idea of preparation is multifaceted as it flows throughout the season. Each of us prepares individually for Easter, reflecting on Jesus’s teachings and how we might better implement them in our actions and words, and we prepare as a community, anticipating the joy to come.

Jackie Boddie and Rob Hall have made a special plea for you to consider how you might support our Extended Vision Campaign. The work we have been and are doing on the building, the HVAC, and the sound system are already paying off-I have heard that the new sound system has made an unbelievable difference for those who can now hear every word said and sung in the nave.

But these efforts will not only benefit us now, they will preserve St. Mark’s as a spiritual home for decades for those seeking to know and love God and to build God’s kingdom here. So I think it is appropriate that we consider, in Lent, how we might support our community preparing for the time ahead, even while we engage with the time now.

Our support for operations through our annual pledging goes to uphold our day-to-day ministry such as paying our clergy and staff and heating and cooling the building. Support for the Extended Vision ensures our community has a heart here on Capitol Hill for years to come and can keep reaching those in search of fellow seekers. Our ministry together now is meaningful today and its richness anticipates the future. As others have done for us, let us prepare.

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